A software framework for effective place-based decision making

Madrona offers a flexible set of software building blocks for creating cutting-edge tools for decision support and area-based planning that can be used by a broad audience. We provide step-by-step tutorials, an open community to assist you along the way, and a full range of support services to help ensure a successful outcome.

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Madrona 4.1 released

24 July 2013

Since the initial release of Madrona 4.0, we have been working on many projects with 2D mapping interfaces (OpenLayers or Leaflet). Much of the work...

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Printing web maps made easier

02 January 2013

One of the most requested features for any web mapping application is printing. Map bookmarks get you most of the way there for sharing your...

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Enhanced 2D data layer management

29 October 2012

The latest revision of the layer manager functionality extends Madrona’s support for 2D mapping environments. We’ve developed a rich server-side model for managing data layers...

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