Madrona 4.1 released

Since the initial release of Madrona 4.0, we have been working on many projects with 2D mapping interfaces (OpenLayers or Leaflet). Much of the work to the Madrona core is related to the Enhanced 2D Layer Management which allows knockout-based Javascript client apps to seamlessly incorporate advanced mapping interface elements.

Updates in the 4.1 release include:

  • New layer_manager app for managing 2D tiled map sources
  • By default, enforce_supported_browser set to False (may cause minor change in browser detection behavior in some 3D apps)
  • Clean up json import situation
  • Preliminary Multipolygon support (server-side)
  • Several minor bug fixes and tweaks

The 4.1 version is live on PyPi so updgrading is as easy as pip install --upgrade madrona


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24 July 2013