New Layer Manager App

We have added an optional application within Madrona to handle basic layer management. If you develop an application that requires displaying multiple data layers on the map, it will be easier to create, edit, save, and access the data of the layers. This will be very useful for creating layer controls for displaying, organizing and changing visibility of layers.

Currently we’re supporting layers organized by themes: a data layer displaying an ocean’s sediment grain size could be associated with an “Ocean” theme, or a “Soils” theme, depending on your needs. The relationship is many to many, so it could belong to both, and each theme can be associated with other data layers.

Currently, the Theme model includes a name field and can return a list of layers associated with it.

The Layer model includes fields for:

  • Name
  • Layer type (WMS, Vector, XYZ, etc…)
  • URL location (can be local or pulled from a different server)
  • Themes
  • Legend
  • And several more

As you can see, there’s a lot of room for this to grow. We will be sure to update this as our needs develop, but we are also excited to see what you do with it!

View the code now: Layer Manager

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20 July 2012