Madrona version 4.0 released

After months of development, Ecotrust is pleased to announce the first public release of Madrona, version 4.0. Madrona is the evolution of MarineMap, a tool for web-based marine spatial planning developed by the MarineMap Consortium which included the University of California Santa Barbara, Ecotrust, and The Nature Conservancy. MarineMap reached end-of-life with version 3 in 2011. Learn more about Madrona’s history

Read about the release on the ecotrust blog.

Updates and fixes in the 4.0 release include:

  • Map bookmarks
  • GeoJSON support for the Madrona Feature API
  • New analysistools app
  • Switched to new-style Django url and absurl template tags
  • Reorganization of setup code
  • Overhaul of and associated installation procedures
  • Added flatblocks to manage content
  • Added script as a madrona replacement for startproject
  • Fixed several bugs in raster_stats - improved tempfile and cache handling
  • Improved study region loading via management command
  • Improved geometry validity handling in manipulators
  • Improved logging system
  • Install_media command flag to handle admin static files
  • Numerous bug fixes and lots of code cleanup

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09 July 2012