Version 4.1

  • More robust user-agent parsing.
  • Integrate raster stats more closely with polygon features; a get_raster_stats(rastername) method
  • Improved shapefile import including field mapping, validation, and multi-feature uploads
  • Improvements to test coverage and continuous integration.

Version 4.2

  • Simple point drag-drop widget for inputing point geometries (from the bioregions app)
  • Layer manager to organize KML base data layers.
  • An admin dashboard for analyzing site usage.
  • Asynchronous notification system to allow messaging the user in real-time without polling.

Version 5.0

Complete 2D interface

  • Autoconfigures based on workspace
  • Full CRUD capabilities and REST API integration
  • GeoJSON driven
  • OpenLayers map interface with Tree-view feature list.
  • Ability to author base map tiles and interactivity layers (UTFGrids) using Tilemill

Other functionality under consideration

  • ArcGIS Server Rest API intgration
  • Marxan integration for conservation priorities (currently implemented in the aquatic priorities tool)
  • Geosearch: a search interface which searches local features database as well as external geocoding services
  • Internationalization and localization